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Coffee Club present Stop Horsing Around

It was laughs all round as members of our Coffee Club performed Stop Horsing Around, their end-of-year pantomime based on characters they created playing the Who Am I? game.

Characters included Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Lady Godiva, The Wolf and Mrs Brown.

Drama coach Ali encouraged everyone to use their imaginations to build up a story in which Humphrey, the well-behaved stallion – otherwise known as the Reading Mencap rocking horse – played a key role.

Robin Hood lent Humphrey to Maid Marion as she was late for her shift at the Horse and Groom pub.

Unfortunately, once serving in the pub The Wolf came along and frightened off Buster, one of the customers, who galloped away to escape. Chaos ensued and the horse ended up in Mrs Brown’s living room!

She was having none of it and shooed the horse away only for it to be chased by Buster, Maid Marion and Robin Hood.

Lady Godiva joined the pursuit, which only ended when Ali entered with the lines: “Actually, that’s our horse. It belongs to Reading Mencap! Now stop horsing around and put it back!”

 Stop Horsing Around Scene 2

The Wolf frightens Buster Mrs Brown in Stop Horsing Around    Coffee Clum perform Stop Horsing Around