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Performing Arts Club present The Lost Robin

Our Performing Arts Club put on an amazing show with their debut production, The Lost Robin.

The group, which was formed earlier this year, has been busy creating songs, costumes and props and writing poems and words for the play.

Animals preparing for their winter hibernation provided the inspiration with a little robin at the heart of the story. She gets blown away from her family in a winter storm but luckily meets a kind bear who helps her find her way home.

Cast members took on the characters of rabbits, hedgehogs and geese – all played with aplomb!

The audience couldn’t help but tap their feet as the soundtrack was so fabulous with The Robin Family song to sing along to.

'They're fluffy and they're puffy

Their wings are never scruffy

A flash of crimson red

The Robin Family'

After taking a well-deserved final bow there was the chance for the audience to join in as cast members showed them how to impersonate rabbits and geese.

Abbi Chambers, Social Inclusion and Respite Manager, said it had been great to see people from our various clubs and activities work together.

She said: "It's been great fun and given everyone a chance to do something a little different. Members of the Performing Arts Club have been able to create props, write poems and sing songs.

"We would love other people to join the club and if you don't want to act or sing you can always get involved with making props and costumes.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what members of the club come up with next!"

The group meets on a Thursday evening and would welcome new members for both performing and backstage roles. If you would like to be involved in the New Year, please pop into the office and speak to Abbi.

The Hedgehog

A  poem written by one of the members of the Performing Arts Club.

Little hedgehog goes to sleep for winter when a little robin comes by…

Whatever you do don’t put your wings on a hedgehog or you will get a few spikes in your wings, so don’t put your wings or nose near a hedgehog!

Just give it a nudge with a handle of a broomstick

Whatever you do don’t put your wing or nose on a little hedgehog!

You know what will happen! You will get a few spikes in your wing or nose.

So, don’t put your wing or nose on a hedgehog!


The Little Robin The cast perform animal impersonations

Robins in the Last Robin The audience join in