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Coffee Club get ready to turn purple

Coffee Clubbers have been busy preparing to take part in #PurpleTuesday on 13 November – the UK’s first accessible shopping day. Purple Tuesday

They’ve been rehearsing shopping scenarios they find difficult to present in a forum drama they are taking to The Oracle shopping centre Purple Tuesday event - inviting staff and members of the public to join in.

Club leaders Ali and Abbi got everyone warmed up with the Who Am I? game and then some of the group played out scenarios which they felt were badly handled and asked the others to suggest ways to improve the situation.

Members say they can find shopping a stressful experience due to the crowded, busy environment, feeling they are being rushed when paying and people pushing past.

Purple Tuesday is aimed at getting retailers to introduce measures – not just for one day - to make shopping more inclusive for customers who have disabilities. 

Mangagers at The Oracle have been playing a big part in getting Coffee Club ready for the big day – hosting a behind-the-scenes visit, which everyone found very interesting and helped them to familiarise themselves with the centre.

Coffee Club rehearse shopping scenarios

Coffee Club rehearse difficult shopping situations

Coffee Club play the Who Am I? game