Information Officer

Everything in the garden is rosy

A very big thank you to Thames Water whose generosity has ensured everything in our garden is rosy!

Thames Water very kindly donated £750 to us, which allowed us to buy lots of goodies to give our back garden at Alexandra Road a makeover.

We are now proud owners of a new garden bench, water butt and trugs as well as an assortment of tools to help us maintain the garden.

If that wasn’t enough, Thames Water also sent us an army of volunteers for two days to help us put together the bench and trugs, paint the fence, tidy the garage, cut the grass, paint doors, clean the swing and install the water butt.

The garden has never looked so good. Thank you Thames Water.

A group of 12 men and women

 A man in a pink shirt holds a piece of wood while a man in a black t-shirt screws a nail into it


A woman with a pony tail wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans paints a garden bench blue

Two men are painting a garden fence with wood stain

A yellow sign saying 'Thank you Thames Water' has been put up in a window