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Ideas for things to do

Here are some ideas for things to do while staying safe at home. Keeping busy will help you stay positive and entertained. Staying at home might even be a chance to try something new!


What wildlife can you see out of your window?

How many birds can you see?

What kind of bird are they and what do they look like? 

Are there any cats?

Are there any dogs?

Any foxes?

Write it down once a day or once a week, whichever you prefer.

Sparrows sitting on a branch


Breathing exercises

Breathe in and out slowly 10 times. This will help you feel relaxed. Try it 20 times next time.


Start a diary

Start writing down or drawing your thoughts and feelings or what you did each day.

What did you have for dinner?

What was the best bit about the day?

What made you smile?





Fun physical activity. How many can you do?

  • Wall pushes
  • Press ups
  • Hand Squeezes
  • Superhero poses
  • Bear stretch
  • Owl Swoop
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Arm Spins
  • Stand on one leg
  • Hop, skip, jump.

 Teddy bears exercising



Drawing or painting challenge - can you draw... 



A beach, a flower pot, a hat, a cloud, an apple, a Ladybird, a caterpillar, an egg, a snail, a piglet, a frog? 

You could draw or paint a picture of things that are helping to keep you healthy and happy while staying at home. This could be a hobby, a pet, a person or something else. You could write about it too, if you like. These can be displayed when we're all together again. 


Or you could...

  • Do a jigsaw 
  • Do a puzzle, wordsearch, crossword
  • Colour. You can find free colouring in sheets at www.crayola.co.uk/free-coloring-pages
  • Read your favourite book or magazine
  • Watch your favourite film or TV programme
  • Watch a film or TV program you have never seen before
  • Listen to your favourite music or listen to something you haven’t listened to for a long time
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member
  • Make a phone call to a friend or family member
  • Write a short story, with pictures
  • Try a new food
  • Have a nice long bubble bath or relaxing shower
  • Spring clean your home.


Let us know how you get on!

Jigsaw pieces