ME Service have a blooming good time

Our ME Day Activity Service had a blooming good time looking around the beautiful Ridgeline Trust Garden searching for plants matching the descriptions on playing cards, such as curvy, big and yellow.

Gorgeous friendship bracelets were made along with impressive space rockets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

Everyone also learnt how compost is created from the garden’s waste – Ridgeline recently won first prize at Thrive’s annual flower show for their homemade compost. They take great pride in their compost, even sieving it to make sure it looks its best!

Thank you to the Ridgeline Trust for hosting us. The gardens are simply stunning. We had a very special day and hope to be back very soon.

The Ridgeline Trust helps people living with disabilities learn new skills, regain lost skills and improve their mental and physical health in fabulous surroundings. The garden is at 25 Whiteknights Road, Reading RG6 7BY.