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Selection of illustrated poems and songs published by Performing Arts Club

  'The snake ate all the cake that I baked. Such a fake of a snake!'

'The sun needs to say howdy! We don't like cloudy'

'The worker wanted a burger. But instead he got a frankfurter'


Animals, the good old British weather and favourite foods have been the inspiration for members of our Performing Arts Club, who have published a delightful collection of poems and songs.

They've shown what stars they are with their rhymes and illustrations, which they devised at the club and which have been put together into a booklet. 

To create their poems everyone started off by listing all the words they could think of associated with one of their themes. So, for weather came sunny, funny, money and honey. 

They also learnt how to rhyme by picking objects from a box and thinking of words that had the same ending - bear was a popular example, rhyming with hair, care and fair!

Performing Arts Club gives members the chance to try their hands at all aspects of putting on a performance including making props and costumes as well as singing and acting.

Members have also had a go at playing the ukulele, made sock and spoon puppetsand created musical instruments out of old milk bottles and filling them with water.

You can download the booklet here. Enjoy!