Reading Mencap Survey for Carers

We know this has been a difficult time for all carers and that many of you have lost some or all of the support that you normally rely on and we feel that Reading Borough Council should hear carers' voices at this difficult time.

Recently, the first meeting since February of the Carers’ Steering Group was held, but there was only one carer’s voice heard due to an administrative oversight, which meant that carers were left waiting to be let into the virtual meeting, but they were not admitted. 

If you could please spare a little of your precious time to complete our survey we will make sure that the local authority hears your voice.

Reading Mencap Survey for Carers

Please note that any personal information you provide on this survey (names and post codes) will be kept completely confidential and no personal information whatsoever will be disclosed to any third party.


Social Care Crisis

Social care is about providing physical, emotional and social support to help people live their lives. 72% of families of people with a learning disabiliyt fear there will be more cuts to social care packages

During the pandemic, 69% of people with a learning disability had their social care cut when they needed it most.

This included people in Reading.

This is leaving many people stuck in lockdown as restrictions ease. 

  • 79% of carers have been forced to take on even more unpaid care 
  • 72% of family carers surveyed are worried that there will be more squeezes to care packages to come

 The social care system is broken. This has to change.

How can you can get involved?

In September, Mencap will be telling Chancellor Rishi Sunak why he must spend more on social care as part of the government’s 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review.

They want to tell him that thousands of people support their call for greater investment in social care.

Sign Mencap’s petition:



Carers' Survey - RBH wants your feedback


If you've attended the Royal Berkshire Hospital with the person you care for, how would you rate your experience as a carer?

Staff at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust want to improve the support provided for unpaid family carers. happy and sad icons

They would like to hear your views, even if your contact with the hospital has been limited.

Carers are being asked to answer questions in a Carers Survey. Feedback will be used to help make improvements to the experiences of carers when accompanying the person they care for in hospital settings locally.

Karen O'Leary, from the Patient Experience Team, said: "The support we provide for unpaid carers is very important to us and we want to know what we have done well and what we can improve upon."

Please download a copy of the carers survey.

If you need a hard copy of the survey to be sent to you, please email and we will post one out to you.