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Health Project

Our Family Health Adviser is a member of our Family Support Team working with adults with learning disabilities and their families.

We offer home visits for clients with specific health problems to ensure they access the right support.

We can also support unpaid family carers and paid carers to better understand the kind of help the person they care for needs and how to get good information and advice.

We can also help clients and their carers complete the Mencap Hospital Health Passport.

To make a referral to our Family Health Adviser, please call 07548 754 197 or email

Our health project aims to:

  • Support patients with learning disabilities to sign up to their GPs Learning Disability Register, ensuring easier access to Annual Health Checks and appointments
  • Support clients with learning disabilities to access the health services they need
  • Promote and facilitate use of the Mencap Hospital Passport to people with learning disabilities and health practitioners
  • Provide small-group learning for people with learning disabilities on the importance of Annual Health Checks and maintaining their health
  • Give advice to help GPs make reasonable adjustments to their practice and premises with the support of the GP Resource pack.

Read our guide to what an Annual Heath check involves.

5 Steps to Health

For GPs

Reading Mencap’s GP Resource Pack provides quick guides, with tips on how to best communicate with people with learning disabilities and autism, how learning disability and ASD presents, simple adjustments to make, leaflets for carers and patients, useful web links and more in-depth information from professional bodies for practice learning disability leads and those practitioners who need it.

View the GP Resource Pack at



The 5 Steps to Health are 5 things we can do to support people with learning disabilities live longer and healthier lives.

The 5 steps to health are:

1. Health Action Plans

2. Reasonable Adjustments

3. Hospital Passports

4. Sepsis & Pneumonia

5. The Mental Capacity Act

Download a copy of the 5 Steps to Health Booklet

The booklet has been produced by Options for Supported Living.