Easy Read Information about Coronavirus


Follow Bradley as he gets his COVID-19 Vaccine

Protect yourself and others by getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it is your turn


Back in lockdown

Coronavirus. Back in lockdown. Covid is spreading fast. We are back in lockdown and must all stay at home. Only go out for food shopping, exercise and wellbeing, health or care needs, work if you need to.



Visit the Keep Safe UK website for easy-read information about Coronavirus. The website also features audio recordings so you can listen to the information.

Download an Easy read guide to the Coronavirus vaccine.

Do you have questions about the vaccine? Have a look at a Q&A

Covid Vaccine. Who gets it first. 1. 65+ People who live in care homes for older adults and their carers. 2. 80. Everyone older than 80 and health and social care workers. 3. 75. All those over 75. 4. 70. People over 70 and those who have shielded. 5. 65. Everyone older than 65. 6. 16-64. Anyone in an at-risk group including a learning disability. 7. 60. All people aged 60 or older. 8. 55. People over 55. 9. 50. People over 50. 10. Everyone else.



Covid Vaccine. Please don't call. We will call you. The NHS are now asking people most at risk from Covid to have a vaccine. This may be at a vaccination centre, GP or pharmacy, hospital, care home. The NHS will contact you when it's your turn.


Some people are more likely to become very poorly if they get coronavirus. The government has made some rules for these people to follow to help keep them safe.


People with Down's syndrome

The shielding guidance applies to people with Down's syndrome.

The Department for Health and Social Care have created this easy read document for people with Down's syndrome (PDF).

This guide explains what might happen if you catch coronavirus and you have Down's syndrome.