Carer’s Card & Emergency Plan

Do you provide care for a family member or friend?

If you care for a family member or friend, you will need a Carer’s Card. A Carer’s Card helps to make others aware that someone vulnerable is dependent upon you. This card is an important part of making an Emergency Plan.

The cards are available from the Reading & West Berkshire Carers Partnership.

The Carers Partnership can help you create an ’emergency plan’ setting out who should be contacted if you become unwell, delayed or involved in an accident and emergency support is needed for the person you care for. Details of the person you have nominated in the event of an emergency will be added to the card.

To find out more and to apply for a card, call us on 0118 966 2518 or email

Making an Emergency Plan

As a carer you need to know that if an emergency happens, replacement care will get sorted out speedily and efficiently. In order to create an emergency plan that meets your needs and the needs of the person you care for; we recommend you consider bringing together these details:

• name, address and contact details of the person you look after

• who you and the person you look after would like to be contacted in an emergency – this might include friends, family, or professionals

• details of any medication the person you look after is taking and where it is stored

• details of any ongoing treatment they need

• details of any allergies

• details of their GP and pharmacy

• any ongoing treatment they need

• any care and support services they receive

• any continence products needed and who supplies them

• any mobility challenges and mobility aids such as a wheelchair or hoist

• anything behavioural others need to be aware of

• a hospital passport if the person you care for has one

• if you have a household pet, where to find their feed, and who will look after the pet during your absence.

Having this important information in one place could be of immense support and help when needed at a critical time, when time might be limited. Talk about the plan with the person you care for, if possible, and also with those you would like to be named as emergency contacts. Upon completion of a plan, you will receive a Carer’s Card that states you are a carer and also gives the emergency telephone number on the back. Please keep this card in your wallet or purse and carry with you at all times.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers

Make a list of telephone numbers to contact in case of emergency. Keep a copy of this list in your purse or wallet and next to the telephone number of the person you care for. Save the ICE numbers in your phone as ICE1, ICE2 etc so the format is easily recognisable.

In a serious emergency where life or property is threatened, dial 999 to call the emergency services:

• Out of Hours Emergency social work duty team: 01344 35199
• Out of hours mental health crisis line: 0300 365 99 99
• GP out-of-hours service: 111